A man and a woman walk into a creative writing class…

He thinks she’s smart.

She thinks he’s funny.

Two years later, they’re making a movie.


Michael and Lily met at Chapman University, where they bonded over uncomfortable love stories and a general sense of political rage. What started as a casual acquaintanceship morphed into a three year, cross-country, all-consuming partnership as they banded together to shoot their first feature film. Production took place in Lily’s home town of Boise, ID in August 2018. A 30-day crowdfunding campaign brought in over $31,000 of funding, with contributions from over 400 humans. A tiny crew of Chapman alumni and Boise locals teamed up to bring this scrappy, micro-budget project to life.

Inspired by the collaboration of Rob Reiner and Nora Ephron, Michael and Lily have fought to cultivate a shared narrative of modern love, an “anti” romantic comedy designed to break down gender stereotypes and the Hollywood formula of attraction.  What began as a rebuttal to the romantic comedies of the 80s and 90s, quickly escalated into much more controversial territory. Why do women say “yes” when they mean “no”? Why would a “strong woman” sleep with a guy she’s not into? And why are girls taught to value “niceness” above all else? 

LIKE LOVE is an uncomfortably relatable story. An exploration of friendship and love, trust and intimacy.  It’s built on the back of a decidedly imperfect protagonist (some might say unlikeable), and is designed to explore the grey area between two people who love each other— just maybe not in THAT WAY. 

Long story short: a guy and a girl who aren’t dating decided to make a movie about a guy and a girl who don’t date. Pretty radical, right? 

Michael & Lily laughing about something. Probably this. Photos by Peach Studios.